Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not To-Do List

Today is June 1st and I would typically be posting my Monthly Goal Reflection (which I will eventually), but right now I am inspired to create a Not To-Do List. I spend so much time thinking about what I need to do, should be doing, would love to accomplish, etc. and recently I keep coming back to this idea that "In order to say YES to some things, we must say NO to others." Part of a well-balanced life is saying no and clearing things off of our ever-overflowing plates. I am not very good at saying no! And I am pretty confident that I am not alone on this one! In fact, I just made signs for my Living Wellness Lifestyle participants that say "It is okay to say no!"

My Not To-Do List for June:

  • Work past 9pm
  • Accept clients who are not a good fit for my practice
  • Feel guilty about saying no when I need to
  • Commit to any work that I am taking on from a place of scarcity
  • Mindlessly watch TV
  • Tell myself that I am bad person because my house is a mess
  • Skip my daily mini-retreat in the name of getting work done
  • Allow fear to keep me from catching up on my accounting
  • Judge myself
  • Ignore my accomplishments and focus on my shortcomings
  • Tell myself my dreams are unattainable
  • Repeat to myself that I am not enough or that I don't do enough
  • Skip my yoga or meditation practice
  • Complain
  • Act in a manner that is not in line with my priorities
  • Gossip
What can you NOT do this month to help you achieve your dreams?

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