Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Intentions & Aspirations

It has been months since I've put together a Monthly Goal Reflection post.

I haven't felt called to write my monthly lists of dreams and things to be accomplished.

Life has felt much simpler. I've been working on two major projects for the past few months, my newest online offering and my new website (coming soon!), and so it's been easy to keep my goals in the forefront of my mind. (As harried as my days can be, even I don't need a list with two things on it!)

As we move into Summer, I've been reflecting on my intentions for the season and a list of things I hope to experience. A different sort of take on the Monthly Goal Reflection, more of a Seasonal Intentions and Aspirations.

Throughout this year I've felt pulled toward aligning my work (and my life) more with the seasons, offering retreats and online courses centered around the natural energy of the season.

For Winter/ The New Year I hosted a Women's Mini-Retreat focused on envisioning our goals for the year and my Dare to Live Your Dreams Online Circle. For Spring I offered a Women's Spring Rejuvenation Retreat and Reflect, Release, Renew. For Summer I'm hosting another Women's Mini-Retreat, this one centered around connecting with our intuition through creativity.

Summer Beach
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Really it is all about playing and having fun, my intention for this Summer. I won't be offering a Summer online course because I'll be focusing my energy on soaking up time with my family. However, I plan to write a series of posts about my summer play dates, including my solo adventures and my outings with the family. I'd love for you to join in on the fun by commenting on these posts and sharing how you're invoking the energy of play this season.

Here are a few things I hope to savor this summer:

How about you? Does the idea of play resonate for you this season? How will you bring more fun and adventure into your daily life? I'd love to hear your thoughts - feel free to share in the comments or over on my Facebook page.  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reflect, Release, Renew: Connect with Creativity

Hello Beautiful Souls!

It's been quiet around here the past month as I've been focusing my writing energies on Reflect, Release, Renew, my newest online offering. Thank you for your patience! Today I'm sharing a post from the course and I'll be back again later this week with a new post filled with my Summer intentions and dreams. I look forward to connecting with you here! Please feel free to share your thoughts on today's post in the comments below.  

Connect with Creativity

We are all creative beings. Sometimes negative thoughts get in the way and we lose sight of that. So often I hear things like, "I can't draw." As if drawing were the only creative medium! Or, "I'm too old/ tired/ busy to worry about being creative." Creative practice is not another item for the to-do list. It's a way of being. 


Today spend a few moments thinking of all the ways you are already creative in your daily life. Make a list in your journal. Next, draft a new list of ways to bring more creativity into your daily life. Choose one to incorporate in the upcoming week.

There are literally countless ways to be creative! Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Examples of Creativity in Daily Life:

  • preparing a meal
  • arranging flowers
  • making up stories to tell your children
  • taking photographs
  • knitting
  • decorating your home or office
  • brainstorming solutions to problems at work
  • wrapping a present
  • writing a thank you note
  • putting on makeup
  • planting a garden
  • baking
  • throwing a party
  • styling your hair
  • sewing
  • dancing
  • scrapbooking
  • putting together an outfit
  • building a fort
  • mixing a cocktail
  • upcycling 
  • writing a blog
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