Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Dreams

September Dreams:

So I was a little over zealous with my September Dreams :)

Adjusting to life with a new baby requires lots of flexibility so I've adapted many of the goals I dreamt up last month. Let's review....


  • lose 5lbs (still working on that baby weight) - YES
  • walk 3x/week - YES, as long as 10 minute walks with Lainy in the Baby Bjorn count
  • check Spinning class schedule at YMCA - NO, but I did day dream about going to Spinning class...


  • take a yoga class - YES, Melaina and I went to mommy & me yoga 2x
  • read an inspiring book - YES, for all of 10 minutes :)


  • save 25% of my earnings this month - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • donate to beloved charity - YES, a small donation but still counts!


  • brainstorm ways to give back locally and globally - NOT EXACTLY, but an opportunity presented itself to me & it is in progress


  • clean off the buffet in our foyer, empty boxes in my home office - WORK IN PROGRESS, again spent about 10 minutes working on these areas but definitely did not finish

  • re-establish morning ritual, take 15 minutes of "me-time" daily - WORK IN PROGRESS (life long work in progress really)

Life's Work:

  • assess current schedule/activities and brainstorm next steps - YES, I've already adjusted my schedule and things are going more smoothly


  • blog 2x this month - YES
  • art journal - NO
  • vision board for remainder of 2011 - NO

October Dreams:

This month is all about connection for me. I'm excited to spend time with friends & family and meet up with like-minded peeps at a few local gatherings!

  • Attend Buffalo Women Entrpreneurs ROCK! meeting
  • Stop in at local La Leche League meeting
  • Savor Fall weather and go apple picking with my sister and her family
  • Baby shower for an old friend
  • Girls Night with my YaYas
  • Celebrate Halloween with fun festivities at my mom's house
  • Drop another 5lbs
  • Move every day (yoga, walking, maybe a gym jaunt)
  • Get a Pedicure (in desperate need!)