Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monthly Goal Reflection: July 2010

Bonjour mes amis!

I am in full-on summer mode. I am officially working only 3.5 days! I have been daydreaming about vacationing, doing nothing, and doing some more nothing (preferably on the beach). I napped the past two days (divine). And all around I've noticed I feel more relaxed and at ease. The funny thing is there is no real reason for it, besides the fact that I made up my mind to "chill out." I still have the same amount of work to do, the same number of classes to teach and clients to see, but somehow it all seems so much lighter!

Let's review last month's goals...

June Plans/Goals:
  • Celebrate grandpa's 75th birthday, hubby's 31st birthday, and uncle's 37th birthday at family-filled birthday festivities! Yes! It was a wonderful party - beautiful weather, great food, and fabulous family to share it with!
  • Spa date with the YaYas. I am scheduled for a lavender facial - how fabulous does that sound!?! Yes! I am so grateful to have such amazing friends that I have known for 20+ years! And OMG this facial was amazing... there were hand warmers involved and rose water....aaahhhh!
  • Celebrate Megan's moving up day with fabulous party! Yes! We had friends and family over to celebrate and enjoy the great weather - it was lovely! I can't believe my little girl is a 7th grader now!
  • Do Yoga. Do Good. Book Club featuring Tranquilista. I had to postpone the Book Club due to low enrollment. I love this idea of yoga + books + do-gooding but it does not seem to be catching on...
  • Pick out and order wallpaper for the bathroom. I did pick out a wallpaper, but I have not ordered it yet. I have no idea how to measure the space in order to determine how many rolls to buy - any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  • Publish Yoga for Living Wellness CD. No...darn...really do want to get this done, but I haven't carved out the time yet.
  • Create slogan for Tree of Life Yoga Studio and work with assistant on new brochures. Started brainstorming about slogan, but I am still not settled on it yet. I'm holding off on the brochures until I have a better feel for what I want to include.
  • Begin transition to summer work schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Yes! I adore the summer schedule! Even though several of the days are 12 hours. It still feels fantastic to have 3 full days off each week. And I have been able to go to Spinning class 3 weeks in a row!
  • Schedule next session of the Living Wellness Lifestyle for Women. Yes! It will begin Tuesday, July 20th and run through August 31st! All the details here.
  • Clean and decorate porch and enjoy many hours relaxing there, reading, writing, and sipping wine. Yes! The porch is cleaned and ready to go! Complete with hanging ferns (for some reason they epitomize summer relaxation to me)! I have spent some time there, but not as much as I'd like.

My July Dreams/Goals:

  • Celebrate 4th of July with a party at my brother's house!
  • Enjoy every second of being in Paris!!!
  • Celebrate my 32nd Birthday!
  • Celebrate my 2nd Wedding Anniversary!
  • Travel to Rochester for yoga training & reconnect with yogi buddies from training in April!
  • Celebrate my cousin's baptism!
  • Welcome newest cousin to the world - she should be arriving any day now!
  • Join writing group to be held at the studio. OMG. I'm so terrified/excited!
  • Relax with monthly pedicure, preferably in the company of my favorite 12 year-old!
  • Enjoy now-monthly massage with Gina.
  • Order wallpaper for bathroom...
  • Publish Yoga for Living Wellness CD.
  • Listen intently during private session with Medium/Psychic Ellen Bourn.
  • Finish reading Book Yourself Solid & The E-Myth.
  • Play as much as possible in order to welcome in Perception & Clarity about next steps for my businesses/marketing of my brand.
I just noticed that almost all of my goals/dreams end in exclamation points :-) I think that is a good sign!

What are you dreaming of for July?

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