Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions & Spring Intentions

Melita over at Gussying Up The Tuttle did a post today on her 2009 Vision Board (mine is pictured here) that had me thinking about the year so far... Then I received my missed-retreat goodie bag in the mail today from Kimberly Wilson and it included an index card with the words "Spring Intentions." Felt like a good time for some reflection!

My Spring Intentions all revolve around Reclaiming.

I want to Reclaim my Space by really cleaning the house and getting rid of as much stuff as possible. I want to Reclaim my Body by spending more time walking, running, and doing yoga. I want to Reclaim my Mind by meditating, eliminating unnecessary tasks from my to-do list, and feeding myself loads of mindful, healthy nourishment (not just food, but the media I consume, the conversations I take part in, and my self-talk).

What are your Spring Intentions?

PS Smack in the middle of my collage is a picture of the building my husband and I are buying for the Wellness Center - yay!!!

1 comment:

  1. thanks so much for mentioning my blog!! made a huge smile come across my face!!

    your vision board looks fantastic! love the building in the middle too. can't wait to hear more about this wellness center (and visit)!!

    as far as the spring intentions, i think you and i have a lot in common. i want a daily yoga and meditation practice, i want to become a runner. i want to consume better foods, more tea and more water. i want to get back into grad school so i can further my career as well. i just want to live the best life i possibly can. and finding like minded individuals like you is definitely helping me on that path!