Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Heart Today

I heart today! It is almost over so I wanted to pause a moment and give a shout out to this awesome day. Nothing spectacular happened per se; it was just an ordinary wonderful day!

I woke up around 8:30 this morning, which I find is a great time to get up! It is early enough that the day is not wasted, but late enough that I feel like I was treated to a sleep-in. My hubby brewed some coffee while I studied for my licensure exam. I completed a few other tasks, including finishing all my pro forma income and cash flow statements for the new business before noon! Then I freshened up and headed to my studio for a lovely yoga class. Afterwards I was on the hunt for Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (an Easter must-have) and a small gift for my daughter (I got her a special edition magazine all about Michelle Obama - she is going to love it).

I headed home to find my dear husband demolishing our kitchen (we are starting a new install next week). He gladly plugged the microwave back in for me so I could enjoy a black bean and rice burrito for lunch, extra hot sauce of course. After lunch, I followed up with some women for the Women's Wellness Circle that is starting next week. I am soooo excited as I have been dreaming up this project for a long time and I think it will be a beautiful experience for everyone involved! I also spent some time putting the final touches on my plans for our first circle next week.

Then I went over to mom's to sew ( her sew) a few eye pillows for some donation baskets I'm working on for the studio. I also brought along this very fun furry pink zebra material I had picked up a few weeks ago and she helped me create a scarf out of it! After we were done sewing the husbands were getting hungry so we headed out for a Chinese buffet dinner, complete with ice cream! After dinner, we went back to mom's so I could cook up some vegetarian curry for Easter dinner tomorrow and enjoyed a glass of wine while the yummy curry smell filled the house.

I got home around 10pm and decided to take a refreshing hot shower.....ahhh! Afterwards, I treated myself to some homemade lavender lotion (read: I mixed lavender essential oil with unscented lotion). I think I will finish off the day reading this or this. In the morning I'm going to yoga with a live cellist and then off to dinner at mom's. What an absolutely fabulous ordinary day! Sleep well!
The photo is from our front flowerbeds last week when the crocuses had just starting blooming! Yay for Spring!

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