Friday, March 27, 2009

Keeping Things in Perspective

I was scheduled to spend this weekend retreating in the mountains at the lovely farmhouse pictured here, but my body had other plans... so I am retreating in my bed instead!

This morning I was so upset, trying to decide whether to push myself and just get in the car for the 6 hour drive or surrender and hop back in bed. I was getting all worked up about it and then I thought, "Hold on a second! Take a breath. This is not some life-changing decision!" I realized I was placing way too much importance on this choice. Honestly, if my biggest problem today is to decide whether to go away for a weekend of yoga or stay in bed for a weekend of rest then I am doing really well! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in day-to-day stuff, I lose sight of the big picture.

Coming soon: how to have your very own retreat without leaving home (and other blog posts about something besides me being sick, I promise)


  1. Yay for being a blogger! You are doing great so far. And sorry that you're not feeling well. :(

  2. your blog looks really good so far. i am a newbie blogger myself. i just met kimberly wilson for the first time earlier this month. i absolutely love her. i look forward to following your blog and hope that you feel better soon. this winter has been so hard on all of us with getting sick after getting sick, over and over it seems.