Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NKOTB & The Inner Child

So who remembers what NKOTB stands for???
That's right New Kids on the Block! Okay, I promise not to bust out the Mindy-oke (my personal version of karaoke) and sing "Hanging Tough" (even though I do still remember all the dance moves...)

This morning when I got in the car a woman had just won NKOTB tickets and she exclaimed something to the effect of, "I am not gonna lie, my inner 8 year-old is so happy right now!!!" I giggled out loud at this woman's delight at indulging her inner child.

How fun would it be to do something your inner 8 year-old dreamt up? Like dancing around to your favorite boy band or climbing a tree or staying in the bathtub until your fingers get all wrinkly or spending some time on your neighborhood swings or getting your feet/hands covered in paint... the possibilities are endless! And I am all about indulging the inner child as much as possible. We all seem to have enough work in our lives; it is important to make some time to play! So get out there, go play!!! Have fun!!!
PS The image above is of the very first painting I ever made as an adult (January 2009), complete with words cut from magazines and sticks and leaves collected from my neighborhood!


  1. oh do i ever remember nkotb lol. shows our age, doesn't it lol. i mentioned your blog on mine today...


  2. aspiring runner is a more appropriate term i think. i just started a couch to 5k program. taking it slow lol. are you on twitter?

  3. i am not on twitter, but i feel like i should be! i'm a nervous technology person... but i did (sort of) figure out facebook. i'm sure my 11 year-old can help me with it, she understands computers way better than her mom...