Sunday, January 30, 2011

February Dreams

Hello Lovely Readers! I hope you are doing well! As the month comes to an end, let's take some time to review our January dreams and ponder our hopes for February. J'adore reflecting on my dreams each month and I find it keeps me focused as well! Considering joining me by writing your thoughts in your journal or posting your own dreams on your blog or Facebook page. Happy Dreaming!

January Dreams:

  • Decorate my 2011 Planner Pad: DREAM COME TRUE! I love how it turned out too! (See the above image.) The main background is from Boho magazine and it reads: "The desire of your heart. Deep inside if you there is a well. A deep well filled with dreams, visions, and ideas. Thoughts of who you are, of what you will become, of what you have dreamt about your entire life; aching to come out, to be heard. Today, I can promise you that if you listen to those things, they will become you... because they are you. They are the essence of what you were born to do, who you were born to be. So today I ask that you listen and believer. That still small voice inside of you of whispering. It's called your destiny. And today you will find it, because it has already found you. It's time." How amazingly beautiful and perfect is that??? The red yarn is from my retreat with SARK. One of the retreaters wrote this amazing poem about the color red and power and voice and writing and she gave each of us red yarn as a reminder.
  • Settle on my word/phrase for 2011: DREAM COME TRUE! I couldn't settle on one word/phrase so I am working with two for the year: Authentic Awakening & Magical Transformation! Authentic Awakening because I want to more fully step into myself and my purpose. Magical Transformation because my life and my businesses are going to transform and I am counting on some magical help from the universe to support the process!
  • Signed rental contracts for 3 newly renovated offices at Living Wellness of Niagara with fabulous, like-minded health & wellness professionals. I'm especially interested in massage therapists, holistic health counselors, naturopathic practitioners, life coaches, or creativity/spirituality professionals. (For more info, contact me at DREAM ON ITS WAY TO BECOMING TRUE! This month I had the pleasure of meeting with several amazing women who are interested in the spaces I have to offer. Nothing is set in stone yet, but several possibilities are brewing and I am delighted with the progress this month!
  • Celebrate my gramma's 75th birthday! DREAM COME TRUE!
  • Provide inspiring content and support brave dreamers through the Dare to Live Your Dreams Online Circle, starting January 14th. DREAM COME TRUE! There is an amazing group of women participating in the online circle and I feel very honored to have the privilege of guiding them on the journey toward their dreams!
  • Celebrate Megan's 13th birthday (OMG) and my niece's 4th birthday with two fabulous parties. DREAM COME TRUE!
  • Try out my new work schedule that leaves more space for seeing clients, as well as an every-other-week writing block. DREAM COME TRUE!
  • Save 40% of my earnings this month to put toward supporting my maternity leave/ the hot tub fund. DREAM COME TRUE! I'm so proud that I met this goal, especially considering I had to buy a new laptop this month!
  • Back to basics! Walk, write, sit, stretch. Daily movement (yoga or walking), daily meditation, and daily morning pages. Weekly Artist Dates. DREAM IN PROGRESS! It is thedaily part that gets me every time! However, overall I have been pretty faithful in my moving, breathing, sitting, and writing practices. I am struggling with some physical limitations right now (darn Sally Sciatica) and I am trying to simply allow it all to be a part of my practice.
  • Begin the process of finding an amazing yoga teacher to cover classes during my maternity leave and an inspirational therapist to work out of my office/cover clients during maternity leave. (If you know anyone, send them my way at DREAM COME TRUE! This happened so easily and effortlessly! I am so grateful for the professionals who are going to keep things running during my maternity leave!
February Dreams:
  • Be fully present and enjoy every moment of the many fun outings planned for this month: a ski/spa trip with our friends, the annual Sweetheart Dinner for Community Missions, the baptism of our dear friend's son, Girls' Night with the YaYas, Polar Bites fundraiser for the Buffalo Zoo, and a trip to Lasertron.
  • Again, save 40% of my earnings this month to put toward supporting my maternity leave/ the hot tub fund.
  • Complete final accounting for 2010 and meet with accountant for tax preparation.
  • Read more about natural childbirth. I just ordered Ina May's Guide to Childbirth; Birthing from Within; Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering; and Spiritual Midwifery.
  • Participate in my friend Kim David's Radical Self-Care Challenge.
  • Make a list of microMOVEments toward my new business ideas. Bonus: do something from the list.
  • Work on my two books in progress. Devote at least 1 hour this month to each of them.
  • Outline idea for trauma group that incorporates yoga and Living Wellness Lifestyle for Teens.
  • Research mixed media art class (in person or online). Suggestions are welcome & greatly appreciated!

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