Saturday, February 12, 2011

February's Living Wellness Theme: Love & Relationships

I know some people who adore Valentine's Day and some who abhor it with the same passion! Personally I don't have strong feelings one way or another about it, but as I was contemplating February's theme it felt right to go with Love and Relationships. This month we will explore our love for ourselves and others through activities, journal prompts, practices, and juicy resources! (I promise you this will have none of the how-to-find-a-partner-so-your-life-will-be-complete flavor that seems to be so rampant in our culture.)

We will begin our exploration of this month's topic with a few Activities.

Send a Thank You Note

Take a few moments to consider someone who has had a positive impact on your life either recently or in the past. Pen a note to this special person thanking her for her kindness. Choose a beautiful card and take a few quiet moments to write about how she made a difference in your life. Imagine how your fifth grade teacher will feel when she opens a letter from you explaining how she inspired you to follow your dreams or what a difference it will make in your brother's day when he opens a note from you thanking him for always being there. I promise you will feel good too!

Schedule a Date

Schedule a date with someone important in your life. This might be your partner, best friend, sister, mother, son or daughter, grandparent, or yourself! It is vital that we make time for the relationships in our lives. Once the date is set, mark it in pen in your planner or datebook and treat it like an important business meeting. That means no canceling! This is especially important if you choose to schedule a date with yourself.

Leave a note in the comments and share your experience with these activities. I'll be back next week with a post on Journal Prompts related to this month's theme!

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