Friday, January 14, 2011

Look Within: Journal Prompts

As we continue to explore Looking Within, I invite you to spend some time responding to the following Journal Prompts:

What do I want?
This seems like a simple question, but it is amazing how many of us are out of touch with our desires. Spend at least 3 minutes free writing your response to this question.

If time and money weren't an issue, I would...

While you are writing, try not to censor yourself. Don't worry about spelling or grammar, just allow whatever comes to mind to make it onto the page. Journal writing is very powerful, but it does not have to be a formal process. Simply write and compassionately observe what comes up!

I would love to hear about your Living Wellness journey! Please share your questions, thoughts, ideas, and insights in the comments section. Also, if you are looking to more fully explore your dreams, check out my Dare to Live Your Dreams Online Circle (starts today, but you can join at any time).

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