Monday, August 2, 2010

August Dreams & Goals

I can't believe it is August already! July went by so quickly for me, especially since I was on vacation for the last two weeks of the month. Today is my first day back in the office!

So let's review July's Dreams/Goals:

  • Celebrate 4th of July with a party at my brother's house! Yes! We had a great time - my brother has an awesome backyard - perfect for parties - and there were grilled veggies galore!
  • Enjoy every second of being in Paris!!! Yes, yes, yes! SO much more to come on this - I promise!
  • Celebrate my 32nd Birthday! Yes! I was actually traveling solo on my birthday, but I took myself out for a lovely dinner at Aladdin's on the canal (photo above was taken there).
  • Celebrate my 2nd Wedding Anniversary! Yes! We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Schimschacks, with another couple. I savored the Artichoke appetizer and splurged on a fantastic bottle of Pinot Grigio! Yum!
  • Travel to Rochester for yoga training & reconnect with yogi buddies from training in April! Yes! I spent my birthday weekend in Rochester with a fabulous group of women (and a few men) studying yoga more deeply, especially mindfulness and staying connected with the present moment. It was wonderful!
  • Celebrate my cousin's baptism! Yes! Another fabulous family party filled with good food & great times!
  • Welcome newest cousin to the world - she should be arriving any day now! Yes! Violet Pearl (isn't that a gorgeous name?) arrived on July 13th!
  • Join writing group to be held at the studio. OMG. I'm so terrified/excited! Yes! I am loving "Women Who Write." The teacher, Wendy, is so sweet and patient! And because of her I have committed to working on my book everyday for 30 minutes!
  • Relax with monthly pedicure, preferably in the company of my favorite 12 year-old! Yes! Actually I think I have had two pedicures in the past month!
  • Enjoy now-monthly massage with Gina. Ahhh... yes! This is such a treat and I adore every minute of it! This month she even did some work on my sinuses because I had a bit of a headache. Love, love, love getting massages!
  • Order wallpaper for bathroom... No... (picture me with my head hanging in shame). This seems like it should be a simple task, but for some reason I just never seem to get to it.
  • Publish Yoga for Living Wellness CD. No... same as above. I just haven't made the time for this. I think the issue is these are things I can't do on my own - I need to ask for some help.
  • Listen intently during private session with Medium/Psychic Ellen Bourn. Yes! She prepared my chart and it was really interesting. I'm thinking of having another meeting with her.
  • Finish reading Book Yourself Solid & The E-Myth. No... but I did read part of Style Statement (LOVE this book), Secrets of the Zona Rosa (the book we are using in writing group - highly recommend), and all of The Notebook (a sweet vacation read).
  • Play as much as possible in order to welcome in Perception & Clarity about next steps for my businesses/marketing of my brand. I think I have been playing A LOT! I enjoyed the two weeks of vacation from my private practice spent relaxing and hanging out with my family (including a few margaritas at my parents' lake house), as well as an entire amazing week in Paris! The clarity is coming slowly, but surely!
For August, I'm keeping with the idea of slowing down and playing more. I will be sticking to my 3.5 day (outside the home) work week (would love to make this a permanent schedule). So with that in mind, here are my August Dreams/Goals:

  • Successful delivery of professional development to local school district
  • Have fun & make new connections while doing all-day workshop on the Living Wellness Lifestyle for adolescent girls at a local university
  • Host private yoga class for local agency
  • Host the YaYas for Girls Night
  • Continue with new rules for work schedule - no more than 3 clients back-to-back and time for lunch scheduled in every day
  • Family picnic at parents' lake house to welcome family from Boston
  • Travel to Long Island to visit my husband's family
  • Review recent journal entries + notes from e-courses to create lists of to-do/to-ponder/to-read
  • Read for pleasure + business development
  • Write every day for 30 minutes
  • Publish Yoga for Living Wellness CD
  • Order that wallpaper...
  • Clean out my daughter's room in preparation for new school year
  • Continue with self-care routine of monthly massage and pedicure, weekly Artist Date, weekly yoga class at another studio, and daily creative mini-retreat
  • Brainstorm what I want my Fall schedule to look like and start taking steps toward making it happen
  • Start free-weight routine to strengthen arms (any suggestions on resources for this?)
  • Go to the beach, play with my new stamps, pack a picnic and head down to Shakespeare in the Park, take a bike ride with my husband, go out for sushi, drink some amazing wine from California, and just generally savor every moment of August!
What are you dreaming of this month?

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