Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Dreams/Goals

I don't know about you, but I am excited for Fall to arrive! I know technically there are still a few weeks until Autumn rolls in, but September will be here tomorrow and I am dreaming of all things Fall - crisp days, hot cider, apple picking, pumpkin spice, beautiful foliage...

So let's see how things went with my dreams/goals for this month.

August Dreams/Goals:

  • Successful delivery of professional development to local school district: Yes, I spent 10+ hours with a committee designing a School-Wide Positive Behavior Program. Not something you probably ever heard me mention here before! This project is a remnant of my past career focus and when it ends next year I will no longer be doing this type of consulting.
  • Have fun & make new connections while doing all-day workshop on the Living Wellness Lifestyle for adolescent girls at a local university: Yes! I had a great time spending the day with about 20 girls. We practiced yoga and meditation, created skits about assertive communication, crafted empowerment jewelry, and more! I will definitely be offering more programs like this in the future!
  • Host private yoga class for local agency: Yes! I really enjoyed this group and hope that they will be back for more yoga soon!
  • Host the YaYas for Girls Night: Girls Night was downsized to just my bff and I so we opted to go out for sushi instead of staying in. I adore monthly girls only time!
  • Continue with new rules for work schedule - no more than 3 clients back-to-back and time for lunch scheduled in every day: Yes, I think I stuck with this all month and it has continued to make my days more relaxing. I am loving the laid-back pace I've set for this summer.
  • Family picnic at parents' lake house to welcome family from Boston: Yes! It was wonderful to spend the day by the lake chatting with family and enjoying good food!
  • Travel to Long Island to visit my husband's family: Yes! We just got back Sunday night after visiting with family and friends. We also spent a day on Fire Island laying in the sun and dipping our toes into the ocean - one of my favorite ways to spend a day!
  • Review recent journal entries + notes from e-courses to create lists of to-do/to-ponder/to-read: Yes, this is one of the first things I did this month and I am now working on doing, pondering, and reading all of the things on the index cards I created :-)
  • Read for pleasure + business development: Yes, I have been reading a lot lately! Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (which makes me want to write fiction and I don't even read fiction), The E-Myth by Michael Gerber, and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle were my main reads this past weekend while we traveled.
  • Write every day for 30 minutes: I'm going to call this a work in progress. I have not been working on my book every day for 30 minutes, that is for sure! Ugh... I hit a bit of a wall and I'm still working through it. I have been journaling (but not daily) and, as you may have noticed, I have not been blogging as much either. Maybe I'm just in a writing funk lately. I'm sure it will work itself out soon enough!
  • Publish Yoga for Living Wellness CD: Ugh... STILL have not done this!
  • Order that wallpaper...: Yes! Finally! The wallpaper is here and.... my husband doesn't like it. LOL! I am still working on him though so we will see...
  • Clean out my daughter's room in preparation for new school year: I have not done much of this, but for some unknown (but welcomed) reason my daughter has been doing this herself! Awesome! I will probably help her out a bit over the long weekend, but she has done a pretty amazing job on her own.
  • Continue with self-care routine of monthly massage and pedicure, weekly Artist Date, weekly yoga class at another studio, and daily creative mini-retreat: Yes, yes, yes! These are the things that keep me sane!
  • Brainstorm what I want my Fall schedule to look like and start taking steps toward making it happen: Yes! I've decided I want my Fall schedule to look a lot like my summer schedule! So that is my plan! I'm not completely sure if I can maintain my 3.5 days working out of the house routine, but I am going to try.
  • Start free-weight routine to strengthen arms (any suggestions on resources for this?): Never looked into this...
  • Go to the beach, play with my new stamps, pack a picnic and head down to Shakespeare in the Park, take a bike ride with my husband, go out for sushi, drink some amazing wine from California, and just generally savor every moment of August! Yes! I did all of those things except take a bike ride. August has been a fabulous, relaxing month for the most part.
September Dreams/Goals:

  • Seamless start to the new school year for my family
  • Publish Yoga for Living Wellness CD
  • Create all new marketing materials for Tree of Life Yoga Studio
  • Host first-ever Vision Board PLAYshop at the studio on September 16th
  • Launch my first online course, Dare to Live Your Dreams Online Circle
  • Renovations finished at the wellness center + 3 new offices rented to like-minded professionals that will add to our center's community
  • Gather another fabulous group of women for the Living Wellness Lifestyle for Women starting September 23rd
  • Buy new houseplants for home + re-pot office plants
  • Plant some mums at home + office
  • Play board games around the warm fire on a cool night
  • Work with LonoWood Art Company to create the perfect sign for Living Wellness of Niagara
  • Add some variety to my physical activity routine - maybe swimming laps or a free weight routine in addition to my typical running + yoga
  • Ponder taking a solo Fall retreat...
  • Shop for new picture frames and update family photos around the house
  • Purge more clutter when I transition from summer clothing to fall wardrobe
  • Spend time every week working on my book - schedule it in pen in my planner!
What are your plans for September?

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  1. those are excellent september goals! i think you did a fabulous job for august as well! i can't wait for that cd :) hugs!!