Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monthly Goal Reflection: March 2010


A new month has arrived which means it is time to review last month's goals and set new goals for March!

My February goals:

  • Book family vacation for July: OUI! We are going to Paris! Yay!
  • Weekly yoga class at local studio: Yes!
  • Attend Spinning class every week: Ooops... only did this once. The classes do not fit in well with my schedule. May need a new plan for Spinning...
  • Run at least once per week: 3 of 4 weeks
  • Swim laps at least once per week: Did not do this at all...
  • Weekly Artist Date: Yes, these really keep me in a sane state of mind
  • Recommit to Morning Pages: Sort of. I have not been doing them everyday but I am writing more frequently
  • Increase meditation practice to twice per week: Yes, I have done this, but I still have not created a set time for meditation in my weekly schedule. I know myself and I need a routine if I'm going to make it stick.
  • Plan & facilitate Chakra 4 Workshop at studio: Postponed until March 2nd
  • Have a blast while raising money for V-Day at the 1st Do Yoga. Do Good. Book Club: Yes, I had a fabulous time! We raised $30 for V-Day!
  • Teach mother-daughter yoga at Shakti to raise money for the Priscilla Project: Yes! We had two lovely mom-daughter pairs join us & we raised $40 for the Priscilla Project, which provides medical care for pregnant refugee women in Buffalo.
  • Clean out my closet: What is with me & my closet!?! Ugh...this goal has been around since I was like 13 years-old and more recently since December '09. Didn't even take a crack at it again this month...
  • List goals for redecorating/reorganizing the house, room by room: Started, but I am still perusing books and magazines for inspiration.
  • Spend time with my visual journal: A little bit, but not as much as I would have liked. Very excited that I signed up for Kimberly's Tranquilista e-course where we will be using our visual journals often!
  • Research taking insurance for yoga classes: No. This is another one that has been on and off the to-do list for an entire year.
  • Create new brochures for yoga studio & wellness center: No. I think I am in need of help in the marketing arena. Like a wise woman recently told me, I see myself as a 1-woman band and it does not have to be that way...
  • Complete consultation project report: YES!!! So glad to have this done. Rewarded myself with a spa date with my sister.
  • Network at a handful of community events this month: Yes! I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended these events armed with business cards and a smile.
  • Really, truly 100% caught up on 2009 accounting in preparation for meeting with accountant in early March: YES!!! This feels huge. I also promised myself that I will never, ever get that far behind in the accounting ever again.
March goals:

  • Brainstorm how to fit more exercise into my weekly routine.
  • Decide on a set time for meditation.
  • Purchase wallpaper for our upstairs bathroom.
  • Sketch out a plan for a backyard garden.
  • Outline new Stress Management course.
  • Call two insurance companies and ask about taking insurance for yoga.
  • Carve out some time to brainstorm about marketing plan, preferably with someone who knows something about marketing.
  • Facilitate Introduction to Meditation Workshop at studio.
  • Host Women's Wellness Retreat on March 13th from 10am-4pm.
  • Teach mother-daughter yoga at Shakti Yoga to raise money for the Priscilla Project.
  • Celebrate family birthdays at party complete with bounce house!
  • Honor my brother's girlfriend and my nephew-to-be at a splendid baby shower.
  • See Our Lady Peace at The Riviera Theatre!
  • Host Do Yoga. Do Good. Book Club to raise funds for The Niagara County SPCA.
  • Attend Megan's (possibly last) Elementary School Play.
J'adore listing my goals each month! Consider carving out some time for yourself to reflect on what you hope to accomplish today, this week, this month, or this year.

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Photo by moi, the first flowers I spotted in my neighborhood last Spring

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  1. i signed up for kimberly's e-course too! i'm so excited! hugs!!