Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Goals

Hello all!

I can't believe it is a week into February already! I am a bit overdue on reviewing last month's goals and setting new goals for this month, so here we go...

My January Goals:
  • Celebrate Gramma's birthday: yes!
  • Celebrate niece's 3rd birthday: yes!
  • Celebrate Meg's 12th Birthday (OMG) by planning & executing two fabulous parties: sort of, one of the parties has been postponed
  • Plan & facilitate Chakra 3 Workshop at studio: yup! and it was my best turn out yet!
  • Prepare & deliver in-service on students with ADHD for staff at local high school: done
  • Prepare syllabus for Introduction to Psychology at NCCC & meet new class: done
  • Date night with the hubby to see It's Complicated: yes! loved this movie
  • Enjoy yoga class at local studio at least once per week: yes indeed! every single week!
  • Attend spinning class at YMCA at least once per week: 3 out of 4 weeks, so mostly
  • Listen to the sweet sound of children singing at Meg's enrichment concert: yup!
  • Savor a night away with bff's at the first ever Babyette (think sophisticated bachelorette party post-baby): this morphed into a couples night away and it was fabulous!
  • Celebrate the baptism of beautiful daughter of one of bff's: yes, more fun with the girls!
  • Travel for a 1-day consultation project: completed! despite lake effect snow :-)
  • Teach yoga 4 times per week at studio: yup
  • See at least 6 clients per week: yes
  • Finally catch up on accounting for all 3 businesses: sort of, I definitely made an effort but then I got stuck on a QuickBooks question so I am waiting on the accountant before I can 100% catch up
  • Step foot onto the treadmill at least once per week: 3 of 4 weeks
  • Sit down to meditate at least once per week: I was able to do this every week! and I was reminded how much 5 minutes of meditation can really change your day
  • Ponder family vacation for this spring/summer: yes, the hubby and I have a fabulous place in mind, but we have not booked it yet. as soon as we do I will share!
  • Prepare for Do Yoga. Do Good. Book Club in February: yes! I also chose books & causes for the next two meetings.
  • Clean out my closet (carried over from my Solstice plans): Darn my closet! I STILL have not taken a stab at this project....
  • Choose dates to run Women's Wellness Circle again: Yes! It will begin in June after Chakra Workshops have been completed
All in all I'd say I did pretty well with my January goals. Something different I did this month is that I printed out the monthly goals and stuck them inside my planner pad. I enjoy having my goals close by and found this helped to keep me on track.

Although I feel good about my accomplishments for the month, I also felt pretty overwhelmed these past few weeks. I think the overwhelm is not so much about what has to be done, but more about the stress I place around it. I had a few days where I felt like I was back to the days of going through the motions as quickly as possible in order to accomplish as much as possible. And while I love to get a lot done, I do not like to feel disconnected from the moment and constantly focused on the next thing. So I'd like to make my first goal for February to stay present with whatever I am doing. With that in mind, here are my February goals:

  • Book family vacation for July
  • Weekly yoga class at local studio
  • Attend Spinning class every week
  • Run at least once per week
  • Swim laps at least once per week
  • Weekly Artist Date
  • Recommit to Morning Pages
  • Increase meditation practice to twice per week
  • Plan & facilitate Chakra 4 Workshop at studio
  • Have a blast while raising money for V-Day at the 1st Do Yoga. Do Good. Book Club
  • Teach mother-daughter yoga at Shakti to raise money for the Priscilla Project
  • Clean out my closet
  • List goals for redecorating/reorganizing the house, room by room
  • Spend time with my visual journal
  • Research taking insurance for yoga classes
  • Create new brochures for yoga studio & wellness center
  • Complete consultation project report
  • Network at a handful of community events this month
  • Really, truly 100% caught up on 2009 accounting in preparation for meeting with accountant in early March
Have a great weekend,


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