Monday, January 9, 2012

Au Revoir 2011, Bonjour 2012 (year in review: part 1)

Time to say goodbye to 2011 and plan for 2012!

There are endless ways to approach a year end review. Personally, I like to begin by listing highlights of the year and lessons learned. Next, I review my progress on the goals I set last January and sketch out goals for the upcoming year. Finally, I choose a word or phrase for the year to guide my daily decisions and remind me of my intention for the year. This year in the spirit of ease and truly allowing myself time and space to reflect I'm breaking my review up into multiple posts. Let's begin with the highlights!

2011 Highlights:

  • Mama to a teenager and a newborn!

  • Reunited with my love of swimming courtesy of belly-too-big-to-run + above-mentioned sciatica
  • Painted BIG!
  • Amazing workshop on yoga + trauma reignited my dream of starting a non-profit to bring yoga to girls + women affected by violence
  • Traveled for yoga workshop on Anatomy + Alignment
  • Tears of amazement + pride during Meg's solo performance of Popular at her Chorus concert
  • Family trip to Shea's to see Wicked
  • Traveled to visit my hubby's family while 35 weeks pregnant
  • Had my belly cast by the amazing Justine
  • Baby celebrations for friends and family (showers, diaper showers, baptisms - lots of babies this year!)
  • Welcomed another niece and nephew into the world
  • First encounter with chiropractics thanks to baby in full breech position
  • Flipped that baby!
  • Big year for Meg: She was inducted into Junior National Honor Society & later voted in as President, successfully auditioned for All County Chorus, and had her first dance recital
  • Turned 33!
  • Hired yoga teacher substitutes
  • Infant massage class with Melaina
  • Baby & Me yoga class with Melaina
  • Spoke my truth (in writing, for the whole world to read)
  • La Leche League meetings & adventures in breastfeeding
  • Weekly lunch dates with my sister


  1. wow, wow, wow, lots of great stuff!! i really like the saying no to non-ideal work!! i am (slowly) incorporating this myself as i move away from a primarily massage studio to do bowenwork in my own space. (space is still forthcoming!) i turned 33 too! :) love!!

  2. Hi melita! Saying no to (any) work has been a challenge for me since starting my biz but 2011 was the year I finally let go of my fears & trusted there'd be plenty of abundance if I only took on ideal work. It feels great! Congrats on your upcoming space! Can't wait to hear all about it! I know it will be fabulous :)