Monday, October 25, 2010

A Few Marvelous Things This Monday

I have been totally defunct on my blog posting this month. Mostly because I have been allowing myself to get caught up in the whole idea of not having "enough" time to put together something "good enough" to post. Does that ever happen to you? You want to do something "perfectly" and therefore end up not doing it all? I think people can live their whole lives like this, never writing at all because they are afraid of writing poorly or never painting or sewing or whatever other creative dreams we might not act on because we are afraid of doing it poorly.

Well I am blasting through that fear this morning. I only have a few minutes but I am determined to write something!

I returned home last night from my retreat with the fabulous SARK. I have so much to say about the experience, but for right now I am still soaking up all of the deliciousness of the amazing workshops, beautiful people, and gorgeous scenery. I'll be pondering my top take-aways later this week and posting them here.

For this morning I'd like to share a few things I think are just marvelous!

  1. For getting your gratitude on: Goddess Leonie created this fantastic FREE pocket gratitude diary and I picked up this brand new book over the weekend
  2. For chilling out: I am currently obsessed with Brett Dennen's music (I listen on
  3. Another reason to meditate and a plethora of eco-friendly cushion options (maybe I just need the right cushion and I'll suddenly morph into a devoted meditator!)
Have a Magnificent Monday :-)

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  1. Aw! Thanks for the mention Mindy! <3 Happy meditating!