Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Sundays

Hello Lovely Readers!

Do you ever get The Sundays? The Sundays are when you find yourself in a really tough place, typically on Sunday evening. There is anxiety over the week to come, guilt over all that was not accomplished with your two free weekend days (when you have The Sundays those days are for working, not relaxing), and general overwhelm at the week ahead. Anyways... The Sundays are not pleasant! I've talked with people about this and discovered that I am not the only one who has suffered from The Sundays.

I was able to cure myself last October when I started working part-time at my steady paycheck job (as opposed to my entrepreneurial endeavors). I simply decided that I would no longer work on Mondays! Brilliant, right? Well, it really did work! Honest! So I have not suffered from The Sundays in quite some time, almost a year. Imagine my surprise and dismay when I found myself fully engulfed in The Sundays on (gasp) a Saturday!!!

It's true. Yesterday started off just fine. I got up at 8am to get ready and teach my 9:30am Vinyasa Class at The NACC. After class I came home and had some breakfast, checked emails, did the usual. I went to the grocery store for my dear husband since he was tackling another project at Living Wellness of Niagara. After shopping I decided to head over to the center to do some light cleaning and that is when it started to hit me... I felt like a ton of bricks had landed on my chest. I was suddenly exhausted. And anxious. And I had nothing to comfort me except the awful, negative thoughts running through my mind. Yuck!

This is the place where typically some time with my journal or my yoga mat could pull me out of the funk, but yesterday it just wasn't happening. Instead I went to bed and watched hours of HGTV. This is hard for me to admit. I struggled over whether or not to even write this post. Sometimes I feel like I should keep my not-so-lovely moments to myself. But I also know it helps when we read/hear/see like-minded ladies stories so I figured I would share.

The good news is today I am feeling much better! I slept in, baked pumpkin bread, and had a nice long yoga practice this afternoon. I spent the rest of the day with my favorite 11 year-old, my Megan, visiting with family, enjoying Thai food, and browsing at Barnes and Noble. I hope that you all are doing well and enjoying your Sunday :-)


  1. Hi Mindy! I'm popping in from the Goddess circle. I love checking out everyone's blogs. I know about those Sundays and was glad to read that you figured out how to feel better. Loran

  2. that is the perfect idea. i won't be suffering from the sundays either actually. when i start my massage therapy classes (next week!!!) i have sundays and mondays off hooray! :)