Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day! I slept in until after 9 this morning, which felt divine, and then decided to work around the house. I folded laundry, something I rarely do but since my husband has spent nearly every waking moment working in my office I figured it was least I could do for him!

I sweetened the task by listening to Kimberly Wilson's latest podcast as I worked. I'm contemplating signing up for her online creativity circle as well. It starts tomorrow so I better contemplate quickly!!!

This morning I also cleaned the area beside my bed, also known as the book breeding ground. You see I start with a few books beside my bed so that when I turn in for the night I have some choices. (I always read several books at one time.) Then it seems like the books multiply or something!!! There were at least 20 books beside my bed, plus a handful of magazines and a mandala coloring book. It was definitely a bit much! I pared down to a mere four books, leaving my beside area much more serene looking.

Next I moved on to my desk/work area. I've actually been working on this space throughout the weekend as I move into my new office. I took some "during" pictures of the transition, but don't want to post them until I have some lovely "after" pictures to share as well. Hopefully soon! My therapy office officially opens tomorrow! I am very excited! I have created what I feel is a beautiful, peaceful environment for people to relax in as they reflect on their lives, struggles, goals, hopes, and dreams. More on my practice as a psychologist to come soon! And pictures of the office as well!

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  1. i too want to do kimberly's online creativity circle but just can't manage it into everything that is going on right now. maybe next time.

    i absolutely love your living wellness of niagra poster.