Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time Flies!

My how time flies!

I can't believe it has already been a week since I officially finished up at work!

I'm keeping busy learning the ins and outs of setting up a private practice as a psychologist, fitting in as many yoga classes as possible, enjoying early morning walks in my neighborhood, taking trips to the public library, and enjoying many celebrations with friends and family - birthdays, going-aways, new babies, weddings!

Today the hubby and I took a trip to Home Depot to pick out light fixtures and paint for the new office. We invested in paint without VOCs, a serene blue aptly named Healing Waters for the therapy office and a peaceful light lavender, Heaven's Wind, for the yoga studio. I can't wait to see it all come together!

In the midst of so much excitement and change, I'm working to rest in the delight of everyday things. My daughter laughing and dancing with a sparkler on a summer night. A cool glass of Pinot Grigio shared with old friends. Lounging on our comfy chaise and reading The Red Tent. My niece giggling at me. My gramma's snickerdoodles. Homemade ice cream. Fresh mango. I could go on and on... I'm such a lucky girl! What everyday things can you be thankful for?

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