Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

I hope that you are enjoying your Independence Day as much as I am!

I'll start with the great news: I passed my EPPP exam! Yay!

For the holiday weekend, I decided to take 2 consecutive days off from all work (a rarity) and I am loving it!

Last night I went to see Our Lady Peace, one of my favorite bands at a free outdoor concert. Today I started the day with a few cups of coffee and some homemade blueberry pancakes - yum! I took a nice long walk by Lake Ontario and picked some wildflowers for a bouquet, including a cool milkweed plant. Then I went kayaking for the first time - very fun! After a delicious lunch of veggie burgers and salads, I enjoyed some lakeside yoga at the gorgeous spot pictured above. Aaahhhhhh!

What a fabulous day so far! Now I'm enjoying a delicious strawberry mango margarita in the sunshine. Such a great day!

photo courtesy of my mom

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  1. yay congrats on passing your exam! let's hope i do the same in two weeks, gah!

    have a great weekend!