Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let's Catch Up

So, how have you been?

A bunch of things going on here on my end... had my last day at work on Tuesday. I am now officially and exclusively an entrepreneur! Exciting, but scary as well!

Spent yesterday teaching yoga, babysitting my niece, and walking the mall with my sister and our lovely girls. This morning the hubby and I headed out early to get Meg to her drama and dance camp and then we jetted over to a meeting with our accountant. Not my favorite early morning activity, but I will say I really like our guy! He is even going to come to the house and help us set up our QuickBooks stuff for the new business. And I say stuff because I don't know exactly, but that is why we have the lovely accountant! I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house. Also known around here as the never ending battle of me vs the stuff! Chose a few more things to donate so that is good, but it feels like something new just fills up my space... speaking of which I am at least two weeks behind on my de-cluttering course... so many things to do!

I have not gone to a yoga class in almost two weeks and I can feel it! Even though I teach or practice at home, it is just not the same. I'm planning to go tomorrow night and get back in the groove.

Oooohhhh - also I got a bike this week! My sweet gramma gave me her bike and the hubby took it right over to the shop for some new tires so I should have it soon! I am really excited! I have not ridden a bike outdoors in ages! I have these fantasies of me riding my bike to work or to the farmer's market... hopefully they will be a reality soon!

This weekend is packed with teaching yoga, a bridal shower, outdoor parties, and birthday celebrations! So much to enjoy...

The pic above is from Muir Woods in California last year. Can't wait to return later this month. I can almost smell the redwoods now...

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  1. wow, so much has gone on. sounds like a lot of fun too. i haven't been to a yoga class in a while and i can definitely tell too! but with the gmat coming up (in a week, eeeek) everything is all out of sorts for me. you will have to put up some pics of your bike when you get it back from the shop. have a great time in cali!