Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Dreams

How did last month's dreams unfold for you? What are you dreaming of this month? Here are my musings on the past month and plans for March...

February Dreams:

  • Be fully present and enjoy every moment of the many fun outings planned for this month: a ski/spa trip with our friends, the annualSweetheart Dinner for Community Missions, the baptism of our dear friend's son, Girls' Night with the YaYas, Polar Bites fundraiser for the Buffalo Zoo, and a trip to Lasertron. DREAM COME TRUE! So many fun events this month made February just fly by!
  • Again, save 40% of my earnings this month to put toward supporting my maternity leave/ the hot tub fund. DREAM COME TRUE!
  • Complete final accounting for 2010 and meet with accountant for tax preparation. DREAM COME TRUE! Ugh, I really dislike accounting, but it is taken care of now so yippee!!!
  • Read more about natural childbirth. I just ordered Ina May's Guide to Childbirth; Birthing from Within; Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering; andSpiritual Midwifery. DREAM COME TRUE! These are all fabulous reads - I highly recommend!
  • Participate in my friend Kim David's Radical Self-Care Challenge. DREAM COME TRUE! Today is the official last day of the challenge. It has been wonderful to have a daily reminder to take time for self-care. Here's a sampling of the self-care activities I indulged in over the past 30 days: taking naps, reading, writing, getting a pedicure and massage, going to yoga class, meditating, swimming, Artist dates, savoring a favorite hot beverage, perusing magazines, taking myself out to lunch, and hitting the spa with my girlfriends.
  • Make a list of microMOVEments toward my new business ideas. Bonus: do something from the list. DREAM COME TRUE! And I did several things from the list, including read inspiring books; visualize; offer Living Wellness Lifestyle for Teens; refer non-ideal clients; journal; and talk with people about my ideas.
  • Work on my two books in progress. Devote at least 1 hour this month to each of them. DREAM DEFERRED... I did not spend even a few minutes on either book...
  • Outline idea for trauma group that incorporates yoga and Living Wellness Lifestyle for Teens. DREAM IN PROGRESS! Living Wellness Lifestyle for Teens is all set to go (starts 3/10)! I thought a lot about my idea for a trauma group that incorporates yoga and I signed up for a continuing education class on the topic!
  • Research mixed media art class (in person or online). Suggestions are welcome & greatly appreciated! DREAM COME TRUE! Although I did not sign up for a mixed media art class, I did register for a BIG painting class with Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio! It was truly a very spontaneous, impractical decision on my part, but I felt so strongly called to do it that I decided to throw practicality out the window! It feels like a very bold decision on my part and I can't wait for the class to start!

March Dreams:

  • Attend fabulous continuing education course on the role of yoga in healing trauma. Further ponder group for women affected by violence that incorporates yoga.
  • Fun night out with my mom at Art by You!
  • Signed leases in hand for additional offices at Living Wellness of Niagara.
  • Savor a solo weekend away to attend continuing education course on Yoga Anatomy & Alignment.
  • Attend fabulous new workshops at Tree of Life Yoga Studio: Dance on the Wild Side & Prayer Flag Creating Experience.
  • Continue preparing for baby's arrival with first class at Care Connection.
  • Save 40% of my earnings toward my maternity leave.
  • Paint BIG!
  • Write!
  • Read another Martha Beck book - I'm thinking The Joy Diet.
  • Continue to care for my pregnacious body by practicing yoga, going to physical therapy, swimming, and getting regular massages.

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