Friday, December 3, 2010

Monthly Goal Reflection: December

November Dreams:

  • Host Women's Wellness Retreat with the lovely Kim David on November 13th: Yes! We had a lovely group of women! Such an inspiring and relaxing day...
  • Celebrate the baptism of the precious daughter of one of my oldest friends: Yes! Little Penny is adorable and it was so good to visit with her and her family.
  • Take 4 days off from the office for Thanksgiving: Yes! Unfortunately, I was sick most of the time but I did relax a lot.
  • Share some big news with the world (coming soon!): Yes! In case you haven't heard, I am pregnant! 16 weeks today :-)
  • See For Colored Girls: Yes, I took myself to the movies and I really enjoyed it. This was a very powerful film , I highly recommend it.
  • Donate a Thanksgiving dinner to a local shelter: I was a little late to put together the dinner myself so instead I donated to Community Missions holiday fund.
  • Outline plan for new website: In my mind, yes. On paper, no :-)
  • Care for myself with plenty of trips to the gym and dates on the meditation cushion: I still haven't been to the gym. Being pregnant has taken a toll on my energy level. However, I know if I can get myself there, I will feel more energized after some movement. I have been meditating more, but not with the regularity that I'd like to see myself commit to. A work in progress, I guess...
  • Explore some more Art Journaling before Art Journal Love Letters ends: Yes! I love Art Journaling and I carved out some time for it this month.

December Dreams:

  • Reflect on this year and plan for next year with the help of Reverb 10
  • Spa date with my sister for facials & pedicures - aaahhhh!!!!
  • Bake holiday cookies with my grandma
  • Host Girls' Night with the YaYas & celebrate my bff's birthday
  • See Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Get yummy hot beverage and take a drive to admire holiday lights
  • Two full weeks of vacation - whoo hoo!!!
  • Celebrate my sweet stepdad and my fabulous sister's birthdays
  • Megan's holiday chorus concert (she has a solo!)
  • Walk 2-3x/week
  • Daily meditation, even if done in bed
  • Conference call with my writing buddies from the SARK retreat (hello writing accountability)
  • Outline new blog ideas in preparation for 2011
  • Celebrate the holidays with family, soak up every minute of their company, and take lots of pictures of all the adorable kiddos!

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