Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sophistication and Success

Earlier this week I was browsing my bookshelves at the office and picked up The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron. This book is all about starting from scratch and it is written in super short chapters (2-3 pages mostly), with a short task at the end of each chapter. For me, it is the perfect book to keep on my desk for a little inspiration throughout the day!

One of the tasks Julia suggests is listing 25 things that represent sophistication and success to you.

Here's a sampling from my list:

  • fabulous vacations
  • monthly massages
  • TranquiliT yoga togs
  • fresh flowers
  • an assistant
  • owning more than property (preferably a beach house!)
  • a good bag for work (I love my Coach bag, but it seems that it is actually a diaper bag, LOL)
  • Papaya Art! office supplies
  • red wine from Viader
  • amazing art adorning the walls at home + work
  • organic chocolate
  • good furniture, especially bookshelves :-)
  • leisure time for Artist Dates, trips to the beach
  • pens, pencils, and markers in all colors and sizes
After making my list, I realized how many of those things I already have in my life!

I also think it is also important to obtain the things on our lists if we can. For example, if I splurge on Papaya Art! office supplies and having them on my desk reminds me of my success, I believe that sends a powerful message.

What represents sophistication and success to you?

Image from Papaya Art!

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  1. I love Papaya! Their notebooks and folders and cards and, whee it's a long list, and art and signs are so inspiring! I have a bunch in the studio.

    What represents sophistication and success to me is tenacity, self-determination and perseverance in creating the life you truly desire - especially when it's difficult. I feel those that choose to stick it out and devote their lives to fulfilling their deepest longings bring a lot of love and optimism to this earth, their families and self. This to me is the ultimate success and something I strive for - it's not easy but doable.
    thanks for this post! very inspiring!