Friday, May 7, 2010

Monthly Goal Reflection: May 2010

We are already 7 days into May! I am a bit late in posting my Monthly Goal Reflection, but here goes...

April's goals:

  • 30 Days of Joyful Abundance: As you may recall, my focus for 2010 is Joyful Abundance. As a personal challenge for the month of April, I will be posting 5 things EVERY DAY that I am thankful for. Please feel free to join in by posting in the comments section, on your own blog, and even in your own private gratitude journal. I kept up with this pretty well until the last week of April. I enjoyed thinking about all of the great things in my life everyday and sharing them here. We choose what we focus on and we always have the choice to put our attention on the positive!
  • Purchase wallpaper for our upstairs bathroom. Nope. It is really hard to choose and I am also confused about how to measure. I need to ask for some help on this...
  • Sketch out a plan for a backyard garden. Does a mental sketch count? Or a daydream of a fantastic backyard space?
  • Complete detailed outline of new Stress Management program. Yes! The Living Wellness Lifestyle for Women will begin on May 20th! Click here for all of the details!
  • Secure grant money for further office renovations. It is in progress, just a few more steps until we are officially approved. I have done all that I can do and now it is time to surrender...
  • Create marketing plan for the next quarter. Yes! Now I need to execute it and bring all of my ideas to fruition!
  • Yoga for Living Wellness CD finalized. Yes!
  • Take a semi-vacation from work. A few days (mostly) off from the office/studio so that I can: Spend more time with my family, Sleep in, Stay in my pajamas all day, Do nothing, Read, Take a bath, Have a picnic, Go for a walk, Watch a movie, Play board games, and Whatever else my heart desires! Yes, I did enjoy some lighter workload days but this was not even close to a vacation. My husband (who had a genuine 2-week vacation) said to me, "If this is what you do when you are on vacation, I can't imagine what you do when you are working."
  • Travel for 4-day yoga training. Yes. This was fantastic! Had a great time!
  • Attending networking event and continue to work on my networking skills. Yes! This is a getting a little easier, but I'm still not sure how effective my networking is...
  • Check out the Earth-Spirit Expo. Yes! This was fun.
Goals for May:

  • Facilitate Living Wellness Lifestyle for Women program
  • Host Women's Wellness Retreat with Kim David
  • Participate in Women Entrepreneurs Rock! Telecourse
  • Get my hands dirty! Do some gardening. Plant some flowers at the wellness center and at home. Maybe put together some pots for the front steps. Keep playing in my Art Journal. Paint, draw, stamp, and collage!
  • Ask my mom or aunt for help with purchasing wallpaper for our upstairs bathroom.
  • Participate in the Niagara Falls Relay for Life
  • Take Memorial Day weekend off from work - for real!
  • Pick out new glasses
  • Publish Yoga for Living Wellness CD
  • Eliminate more clutter from my bedroom
  • Begin planning Summer Solstice event at studio
  • Create an Amazon AStore filled with inspiring recommendations
What are your goals for this month? Or this week? Remember, "if you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time!"

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