Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taking stock

Wow! I can't believe it is August 20th! Where has the time gone... It has been almost a week since I returned from vacationing, but I feel like I am still not back in the groove of things. I think part of the problem is I feel like my days lack shape. On the one hand this is fabulous because I have so much flexibility in designing how I spend my time, but on the other hand I feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Another issue I am having with working right now is that my only office is a space within my bedroom. I find myself working and then getting caught up in the urge to clean up the house or even take a nap! Hopefully my new office space will be ready in the next few weeks...

Ugh... right now I am so struggling with work! I think I need to take stock of where I am at and come up with a plan and a schedule!

Basically what I am attempting here, along with my fabulously supportive husband, is the opening of two new businesses (Living Wellness of Niagara and my private practice as a psychologist) and the expansion of one existing business (Tree of Life Yoga Studio).

For Living Wellness of Niagara, we have purchased a property, started repairs, completed a business plan with the help of the SBDC, and applied for two grants. We are in a sort of standstill now while we wait to hear about the grants. Two things that I can work on are the accounting (groan) and the website (more groaning).

For my private practice, I have passed the licensure exam, applied to be on insurance panels, applied for a professional LLC, and attended a workshop on private practice. Things I can work on for this business are accounting (as you can see I tend to let this slip - I hope my dear accountant does not read this blog), researching software for electronic medical records, and creating other necessary forms. I also have a meeting next week about a possible consulting contract that I need to prepare for and I am teaching a class at Niagara County Community College so I need to finalize my syllabus.

For the yoga studio I need to - you guessed it - catch up on the accounting! I'll also need to start thinking about the fall schedule soon, including any specialty offerings.

So it seems that I have a reasonable amount of work to do and now that I've thought it through it is pretty well-defined. I guess I will get to work!

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  1. so many things going on all at once. good luck with your grants. i just recently received two different grants myself to go back to massage therapy school. i start september 29th and am super excited!