Wednesday, May 20, 2009

blogger guilt

oh my goodness.....i cannot believe it has been 13 days since i last posted!!!! sorry :-(

i am feeling majorly guilty...and like i should have some amazing post to compensate for my lack of posting... ugh...pressure...i'm afraid i don't have anything extraordinary...

how did this happen? i guess i've just been so focused on studying for my licensure exam (have a date now: june 16th at noon, please send good thoughts) and preparing to leave my job at UB.

let's see what else has been going on... i attended my first black-tie event in recent memory (ever?) and donned an up-do crafted by my multi-talented sister! thoroughly enjoyed the fruit and cheese selection, as well as the martini bar (rare indulgence, but i do love me an occasional martini).

last weekend we celebrated my hubby's 30th birthday with a fabulous party - very fun!!! he and i also decided to book a trip back to sonoma, california to relive our honeymoon (yes, we know it was only last year, but it has been an intense year!).

i also "graduated" from my entrepreneur program at NCCC last wednesday. hubby and i celebrated by watching the lost season finale and (of course) enjoying a glass of red wine. there may have been brie involved as well...

what else? i've been teaching adult yoga twice a week and kids yoga once a week. (sidebar: have i mentioned how completely grateful i am that i can write that sentence?) there has been a lot of stepping back and feeling totally in awe and thankful for my life these last few weeks as well. i think the reality is setting in a little that i am actually (as my bff would say) "living the dream!" speaking of, the women's wellness circle is so freaking amazing!!!!! and i don't mean me and the concept or whatever; i mean the women and the process of it all! i feel so honored each time we meet to witness the changes, the openings, the transformations that the women are experiencing and sharing. love it, love it, love it! looking forward to many more :-)

so things have been busy, but good! hope you all have also been doing well!

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  1. glad to hear you have been busy and that things have been great for you. congrats on the graduation!! happy belated birthday to hubby! and darn you, i wish i was near you so i could partake in the women's wellness circle. maybe one day.