Friday, May 13, 2011

Bonjour Maternity Leave!

39 weeks along & getting ready to teach my last yoga class before maternity leave

Bonjour Maternity Leave!

Here is how I envision spending this week (or so) before le bebe arrives:

Sleeping in

Setting up the nursery

Getting a massage & pedicure

Physical Therapy session

Finishing up a bit of work, preferably from bed

Daily naps

Going to yoga class, even if I may just rest in Child's Pose for the hour

Heaps of fresh fruit (addicted to pineapple lately)

Writing in my journal

Working on my belly cast

We'll see if the baby is on board with the plan or if s/he has other ideas!


  1. Just a quick note from a fellow blogger and psychologist to wish you well. Enjoy this very special time.

  2. you are too cute!! i love the idea of the belly casting as in the previous post. enjoy your maternity leave - sounds like you are going to!

    hugs and _/\_